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Introducing SLS-HR™ On Demand Parts Service

Updated: May 21, 2019

Varia 3D is pleased to announce the availability of a new parts production service utilizing a high resolution selective laser sintering process called SLS-HR™. The new process was developed in house with existing SLS platforms. Parts made with SLS-HR provide smooth surface finish with improved accuracy vs traditional SLS parts production. SLS is a laser based powder bed fusion 3D printing technology commonly used for functional prototyping and rapid manufacturing applications.

SLS Process

“We are very pleased to offer the new SLS-HR process to our customers,” says Varia 3D’s President and Founder Brian Bauman. “By optimizing scan strategies, thermal tuning adjustments and improved layer thickness control, we are observing isotropic properties for true production applications,” Brian continued. SLS-HR is the result of years of process and applications know how across many different technologies.

Varia 3D has switched their SLS platforms to SLS-HR for immediate availability. PA12 nylon is the only material currently offered with a build envelope of 350 x 350 x 425mm. The company provides two service levels: Priority and Standard. Priority provides faster turn-around times of 2 to 4 days while Standard delivery times are 6 to 10 business days. Pricing varies depending on service levels with quantity discounts available for production applications. Varia 3D believes the cost benefit of SLS-HR can delay or even replace production applications requiring injection molding.

About Varia 3D

Founded in 2014, Varia 3D, Inc. is an on-demand 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions provider specializing in prototype to manufacturing parts production with PA12 nylon material. The company has developed the proprietary SLS-HR™ high resolution selective laser sintering process exhibiting isotropic mechanical properties. Contact for more information on becoming one our Additive Manufacturing Partners™.


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